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Unionville's Geographical Boundary

Unionville's boundary has changed over the years and you will find different answers to the question "What is Unionville's boundary" depending on whom you ask and when.

Some of the answers are provided below.

Legal Municipal Boundary

Up until the end of 1970, Unionville had municipality status within the Province of Ontario. It was a Police Village within Markham Township, part of York County. The map to the right shows, in yellow, the boundary of the Police Village at that time.

On January 1, 1971, the province made major changes to the counties in and around Toronto. With these changes, Toronto was removed from the 178-year-old York County and the rest became the Regional Municipality of York. All 10 Police Villages within it were dissolved, including Unionville.

The remaining 7 Townships, 4 Towns and 3 Villages were split up & rearranged into 6 Towns and 3 Townships.

Specifically, Markham Township was dissolved. Some of its lands were annexed by the Town of Richmond Hill and some by the newly-created Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. The Town of Markham, an existing town within Markham Township approximately 2.5 miles east of Unionville, annexed the remainder of the Township lands that were not already part of it. This remainder included Unionville.

Since January 1, 1971, Unionville has had no legal municipal boundary.

Heritage Conservation District Boundary

The Ontario Heritage Act, Part V, provides for the designation of Heritage Conservation Districts. The Town of Markham designated Unionville as a formal Heritage Conservation District Study Area in 1976, with By-Law 180-76.

After many years of study involving various community groups, consultants, Heritage Markham, and Town Staff, the Town of Markham established the Unionville Heritage Conservation District on September 30, 1997, with By-Law 250-97.

Its boundary is shown as a dashed line on the adjoining map.

Postal Delivery Boundary

The Post Office has recognized "Unionville" as a municipal name since the mid 1800s. As of 1970, in addition to the Police Village itself, the delivery area for "Unionville" destinations extended for quite a distance in each direction, mostly to farms and small communities. The Unionville Historical Society is currently researching the extent of this boundary. This article will be updated as that research yields results. In the adjoining map, the red area is the Society's current best estimate of the delivery area that the Post Office has at some time or other recognized as "Unionville" since the 1850s.

In the early 1990s, with the exception of three or four streets, the destination "Unionville" was made "invalid" and Unionville addresses then had to use "Markham" for the municipal name part of their mailing address.

In 2009, the Town of Markham restored the use of "Unionville" as the primary municipal name for its Ward 3. "Markham" was retained as a valid alternate name. In the adjoining map, the blue area is the delivery area that the Post Office currently recognizes as "Unionville".
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